Toss Out Your Trash

Toss Out Your Trash

Arrange for weekly trash pickup in Newark & Thornville, OH

The trash you accumulate can start to stink after a couple of days. That's what JnK Hauling, LLC. is here for. We're available whenever you need a trash pickup. Let us know where you live, and we'll tell you which day we can come by and take away your trash.

We charge an $18.50 flat rate per lawn. We can also bill quarterly at rates of $55.50. If you're one of our regular trash pickup locations, you're eligible for 10% off any dumpster rental.

Call 740-616-1887 today to schedule your trash pickup in Newark & Thornville, OH.

Get in touch with a garbage collection service that can help you

Clear out those coffee grounds and banana peels. Our garbage collection service will come to your home and take away any trash you have.

In addition to hauling away trash from residential locations, we also take care of your commercial trash. We offer 2-yard dumpsters and 4-yard dumpsters for commercial locations.

Contact us now to find out more about our garbage collection service in Newark & Thornville, OH.